Course overview / What is usability and user experience design?

One-Minute Summaries and Questions

Usability 101: Introduction to Usability May 15th 11:59pm PDT
Introduction to User Experience Design May 15th 11:59pm PDT

Weekly Quiz

Week 1 Review Quiz (Practice) May 15th 11:59pm PDT

Required Readings

BlackBoard Collaborate Session Slides

Course Overview | PDF

Introduction to UX — Mini-lectures and Activities | PDF

Week 1 Review and Discussion | PDF

Supplemental Readings

The ease of use and learnability of physical and digital objects.

User-centered design (UCD)
A methodology and philosophy where users and their goals are the focal point.

User Experience Design
The holistic experience of a digital or technological product or service.

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Week 1 (May 12 - 15)